Mr. Magic is an awesome, third-person, action-adventure game where you are coming Super Hero. Unlock powerful skills by visiting secret places around the globe to retrieve mystic arts before they falls into the wrong hands.
Master extraordinary abilities with mystic secrets!

This game is inspired by awesome movies from Marvel and Norman to bring similar experience from movies into this game.
All similarities are purely coincidental.

Story starts when our hero went to a template in Himalaya to learn meditation techniques and instead he got first manuscripts of unlocking magical powerful skills. Now, he needs to protect those knowledge from dark spirits. It is time to go and find all those magical secrets in different places in the world from underwater templates and regular city to templates in Himalayas

– Flexible combat system
– Insane psychokinesis abilities to move objects and even enemies
– Great paranormal skills like teleportation from one place to another
– Levitation system
– Awesome graphics of different location by Unreal Engine
– Unreal cinematic effects