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Inspired by true story “Your Life Matters” is a 3rd person action game in futuristic, cyberpunk world. Be a hero and start
your journey from saving your classmates in the school to saving people in the future from droids and robots. Start your
journey and save the world!

Its start from a regular school, where our 14th year old hero saved his classroom mates from killer in the school. During his
surgery he got superpowers, which he is starting to explore in the future.

Corporation “M” in the future is controlling all the world and implanting chips to humans. That’s why they use droids on the street to steal
people to facilities. This is where you was taken and now it is time for you to release your superpowers to save yourself and save people!

Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash super combo attacks during your gameplay. And open beautiful levels which are created using Unreal Engine.
“Your Life Matters” – Start your journey and save the world!